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10 sq M Geelong brings the Melbourne arcade vibe to our great city!

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Arcades in Melbourne have a reputation for being vibrant places where the discovery of something amazing is highly likely. Geelong hasn’t quite built the same reputation yet, however that may be about to change.

10 sq m Geelong - Front the front

Make the journey from Ryrie to Little Ryrie Street via the arcade across from James Street and you’ll find 10 sq M Geelong. It’s a hole in the wall cafe that’s turned a daunting walk through a dark alley into a relaxed stroll with pleasant aromas.

10 sq m Geelong   Focused Baristas

Graffiti bluebirds lead you through to the brightly lit spot where you can grab yourself a Sensory Lab coffee with biodynamic milk. If you’re feeling more adventurous look out for experimental brews such as a 50/50 blend of filter & espresso.

10 sq m Geelong - Cat on the wall

The smooth taste of Sensory Lab coffee is well known in Melbourne, having made a name for itself with several hit cafes across Melbourne including the great St. Ali Cafe in South Melbourne. 10 sq m Geelong is the first to the brand to Geelong and combines it with some quick locally made snacks from Bearded Bros.

10 sq m Geelong - Bearded Brothers Muselis

A chalkboard on the Lt Ryrie Street side of the arcade is updated with a daily coffee mantra. Today’s one threatens to kill everyone. Even after reading this, strangely, the alley still feels safer than a few months ago before 10 sq M Geelong was there.

10 sq m Geelong - Graffiti Frog

James Street and the Little Ryrie Street car park area have become a hotbed for boutique cafes of all varieties with Coffee Cartel Geelong, Huckster & Co, Little Green Corner Geelong and Bear & Bean all popping up within months of each other.

10 sq m Geelong - Graffiti Bird

There’s plenty of room for all of them and Greg and Tom from 10 sq M Geelong are another set of friendly young chaps with a passion for good coffee and dream of having their own business. If you’re in the area they’re definitely worth dropping in on.

10 sq m Geelong - Suitcase of plants

10 sq m Geelong - Bearded Brothers Strawberry Museli

10 sq m Geelong - Bike Sign

10 sq m Geelong - Coffee and Beaker

10 sq m Geelong - Hole in the wall coffee



Rating for 10 sq m Geelong

Coffee: Sensory Lab
Atmosphere: Tastes like a Melbourne Arcade
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Bench inside is good, bench outside is the perfect standing desk.
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Contact Details 10 sq m Geelong

Address: Unit 2 124 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220
Phone: N/A
Online: Facebook

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