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A great waterfront alternative: Down the Alley Geelong review

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For cafe lovers that want a great coffee on the waterfront, Down the Alley Geelong is the place to be. Hidden away down the side of Edgewater across from the Novotel (which would explain the name), Ben and Christina have injected their own personalities into the small space and created a cozy alternative to the other restaurants and cafes in the area.

Barista - Down the Alley Geelong

The giant graffiti monkey and penguin set the tone as you sit down with the choice of regular cafe chairs or the comfy orange couches. There are other touches like vertical wall gardens and a small collection of books in case you need something to read.

Long Black - Down the Alley Geelong

Their own ‘Down the Alley’ fair trade blend of coffee makes a for a chocolatey 5-star long black and the cakes are absolutely scrumptious.

Comfy Couch - Down the Alley Geelong

While Down the Alley Geelong doesn’t quite have a view of the waterfront, it’s very close by making it a great location to stop while out at The Carousel with the kids. Even though it’s tight there’s still room for prams. The challenge on weekends is whether you’ll be able to get a table or not. There’s seating outside as well but again, because of the popularity of the place, it can be tight. Luckily they do takeaway food and drinks.

From the front - Down the Alley Geelong

The food is cooked by Ben himself in generous portions and they source as much of the ingredients as possible from local sources. The menu features all-day breakfast, lunch, gluten-free options and of course a bunch of tasty treats. There’s also local craft beer if coffee isn’t your thing!

Coconut Slice - Down the Alley Geelong

Located at 6-8 Eastern Beach Rd, they’re easy enough to find, just turn in down the alley way near the Novotel. Scroll down for more pics and past them you’ll find the rating and contact details.

Books - Down the Alley Geelong

Coffee Beans - Down the Alley Geelong

Fair Trade - Down the Alley Geelong

Penguin - Down the Alley Geelong

Signage - Down the Alley Geelong

Vertical Wall Garden - Down the Alley Geelong

Waterfront - Down the Alley Geelong

Rating for Down the Alley Geelong

Coffee: Fairtrade
Atmosphere: Cozy
Service: Delightful
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes – Little bit tight when busy
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Down the Alley Geelong

Address: 6-8 Eastern Beach Rd Geelong
Phone: 5222 6273
Online: Facebook
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