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Bringing Film Back into Focus – Analogue Academy Geelong review

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Just when you think there aren’t any new concepts for cafes left in the CBD, Analogue Academy Geelong comes along and brings film photography back into focus with while you wait film processing.

Film Rolls - Analogue Academy Geelong

It may only seem like yesterday but it’s been roughly 15 years since widespread adoption of digital cameras really took off, leaving behind film cameras and all the analogue oddities that came with it. Such oddities include not being able to see the picture you’ve taken until you’ve shot all 24 pictures on your roll and taken it in for development.

Laugh and Chat - Analogue Academy Geelong

Dan, James and Josh, who are the creators of Analogue Academy Geelong and always up for a laugh and a chat, point out that many of the limitations of film are the very constraints that force you to know more about how to take a good shot. Where burst-mode on an iPhone can take the equivalent of a whole roll of film in seconds, you would never be so lazy when using a film camera.

Eastman Kodak - Analogue Academy Geelong

“Local students are now being taught the old way as a means to get them understanding the fundamentals. And they love it!”

Developed Film - Analogue Academy Geelong

Balance, composition, shutter speed, aperture and so many other elements become front of mind when you have to think about whether pressing that shutter is going to be worth it.

Art Gallery - Analogue Academy Geelong

The walls of Analogue Academy Geelong are lined with old cameras and pictures. Every one of the hundreds of shots are impressive but then there are some incredible shots that have been blown up. These are the rotating gallery pieces that come from local professional photographers.

Super Nintendo - Analogue Academy Geelong

This is certainly a cafe with a difference. You don’t have to be a film photographer to enjoy Analogue Academy Geelong. It’s clear the team love their analogue cars and cameras but that’s not to the complete exclusion of the digital world. You’ll also find a selection of vintage digital gear such as the Super Nintendo which is free to play while you sip your coffee.

Graffiti Man Drinking Coffee - Analogue Academy Geelong

Leave Film Here - Analogue Academy Geelong

Signage - Analogue Academy Geelong

Wall of Cameras - Analogue Academy Geelong

Spoons Analogue Academy Geelong

White Gloves and Negatives Analogue Academy Geelong


Rating for Analogue Academy Geelong

Coffee: We had a nice clean long black
Atmosphere: Industrial/Retro
Service: Super friendly and interested
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes. Nice ramp in, lots of space
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great
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Contact Details for Analogue Academy Geelong

Address: Rear 68-70 Ryrie St, Geelong
Phone: 0481 396 085
Online: WebsiteFacebook

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