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A labour of love – Bear and Bean Cafe Geelong review

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Look up as you walk into Bear and Bean Cafe Geelong for one of the most interesting ceilings in Geelong. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of little pictures have all been carefully thought up and painted on plywood sheets that line the previously bare tin roof.Hand Drawn Roof - Bear and Bean GeelongThis is a family business and the drawings were done by Travis, Emerly, Reece and Kaela. As you ponder how they came up with so many concepts and tied them all together you get the distinct feeling that this was a labour of love.Making Coffee - Bear and Bean GeelongLauren & Julian Sault are the owners of Bean and Bean Cafe Geelong. They had a long background in hospitality and before it was a cafe, the brand was doing corporate catering with a strong focus on healthy options.Tables - Bear and Bean Cafe GeelongLocated in the car park on Little Ryrie Street between Moorabool and Gheringhap, it’s another unique contribution to the revival of a part of the city that was pretty drab only a few years back. The building it’s in used to be the garage for the old Jarman Brothers Sports Store.Long Black from Top - Bear and Bean GeelongYou’ll find Ducale Coffee (DC) from Preston on the LaMarzocco machine and a wide array of healthy options on the lunch menu. Their food really is worth mentioning. All that experience in professional catering is really paying off and there are many options for all dietary preferences from the paleo warrior to the gluten intolerant.Frittata - Bear and Bean GeelongWith the tables cleared out the space also converts into a great function room at night. For mums with bubs there’s plenty of space and seating options. There’s even a little astroturf play area with a large chalkboard to keep the kids entertained. Being in a car park there’s plenty of room to park the car at standard Geelong rates.

This one is pretty new to Geelong and we’re big fans! Scroll past the photos for ratings and contact details.Cacti - Bear and Bean GeelongLaMazocco - Bear and Bean GeelongOutside Sign - Bear and Bean Geelong

Treats - Bear and Bean cafe GeelongPlywood Sign - Bear and Bean Cafe Geelong

Rating for Bear and Bean Cafe Geelong

Coffee: DC
Atmosphere: Industrial, handmade
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Bear and Bean Cafe Geelong

Address: Little Malop St Car Park, Geelong
Phone: 0419 585 679
Online: WebsiteFacebook
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