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The heritage restoration of an old Butcher at it’s best – Blue Door Espresso Geelong review

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Pakington Street’s rise to become the cultural centre of Geelong has been widely celebrated, however there’s a dark side to that story as well. For years, many of the beautiful corner shops dotted along Pakington Street’s periphery have been overshadowed and left unviable.

From the front - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

The heritage listed ‘utchers’ (Butcher) in Skene Street Newtown was one such building that’s languished for years however 7 weeks into it’s new life as Blue Door Espresso Geelong, it would seem that change is in the air.

Malcolm - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

Malcolm Gage is the chief barista and all-round champion in charge of a small team that’s leading the change. Focused on brewing perfect Seven Seeds specialty coffee and serving flavour-packed dishes, the boutique cafe might just be on to something.

Seven Seeds - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

“We did wonder if people would venture this far from the main strip but this was always going to be the location because the owners, Steve & John, had already fallen for the charm of the building. They went with their gut and focused on quality and creating something unique that honoured the building’s origins.”

Long black from top - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

Their gut feeling was right on the money. Blue Door Espresso Geelong is attracting a crowd. It’s packed out with people that have ‘travelled’ that extra few hundred metres from Pakington Street as well as many of the older locals that have fond memories of the building in it’s heyday.

Red Velvet Cake - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

“We’ve been stunned by the response of the local residents who love that the old Butcher has been returned to it’s former glory. One lady came in and said she thinks she might know the whereabouts of the ‘B’ from the Butcher sign out front. She believes it might be in one of her family’s old wool sheds” Gage explained.

Hardwood Tables - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

Blue Door Espresso Geelong is located on Skene Street in Newtown. Scroll past the photos for rating and contact details.

Burger - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

Hashtag Bluedoor on Instagram - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong

Seven Seeds Long Black - Bluedoor Espresso Geelong


Rating for Blue Door Espresso Geelong

Coffee: Seven Seeds
Atmosphere: Clean, cosy, heritage
Service: Great
Kid/Pram Friendly: Small space but enough room to move
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great
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Contact Details for Blue Door Espresso Geelong

Address: 2A/105 Skene St, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia
Phone: 5221 7281
Online: WebsiteFacebook

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