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Bring your sombrero- Box Office Geelong review

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Box Office Geelong is reminiscent of that surprise laneway street food find that you weren’t expecting to come across as you traversed off the beaten track travelling Asia or South America.

Menu - Box Office Geelong

In the late afternoon the sun beams in through the gaps of the makeshift structure that’s built out of an old shipping container, various bits of offcut timber, palates and crates. The atmosphere makes it feel like summer and even though it’s only a moderate Autumn day in Geelong. You really can’t help but wish you had a sombrero.

Seating Out Back - Box Office Geelong

Mark Stawicki is the owner of Box Office Geelong and has partnered with Dave and Nic from Sticks and Stones Cafe in Torquay. Mark himself hails from Axil Coffee Roasters so in light of that it should come as no surprise that Axil is the brand of choice for their brew.

Coffee Machine - Box Office Geelong

That said the coffee stands up on its own. Axil coffee is all direct trade requiring two to three trips overseas per year to coffee growing regions where the trademark rustic charm can be found in surplus. In fact that could be where the inspiration for the style of the cafe comes from.

Cutlery - Box Office Geelong

There’s plenty of room to shoot the breeze with ample seating out front as well as out the back. Adorning the walls is some sweet street art and the seasonal menu is as local as possible with eggs coming from Torquay, bread from Born & Bred Newtown and raw desserts from The Kindness Co. also located in Torquay.

Raw White Chocolate and Raspberry Dessert - Box Office Geelong

Aside from coffee there’s plenty of fresh juice and smoothies on rotation. The menu is intentionally basic with a focus on quality ingredients that don’t need to be dolled up, however the range itself is wide featuring breakfasts, warming soups, salads, fritters and burgers. If you can get your hands on the raw white chocolate and raspberry dessert you won’t regret it.

Berry Smoothie - Box Office Geelong

Get off the beaten track that is Pakington Street, and turn left into Preston Street. That’s the corner that 63 Degrees Geelong West is on. You never know what you might find!

Fresh Fruit - Box Office Geelong

From the front - Box Office Geelong

Graffiti - Box Office Geelong


Retro Pears Poster - Box Office Geelong

Ratings for Box Office Geelong

Coffee: Axil Coffee Roasters
Atmosphere: Recycled/Street Art
Service: Knowledgable, friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great
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Address: 77 Preston St, Geelong West
Online: WebsiteFacebook

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