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Bulletproof coffee wasn’t something we were expecting to find in a cafe in Geelong! The term ‘Bulletproof’ isn’t a general term talking about good/consistent coffee either, that we were expecting. We’re actually talking about a new brew that’s taken the world by storm.

Paleo Granola - Lavish Cafe Geelong

What’s so different about it? It’s coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. That’s right Lavish Cafe Geelong puts butter in your coffee if you ask for it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t kill you, and because of the types of fats that go into it there are numerous benefits gained from a healthier heart to a happier outlook on life.

Although we’re quietly passionate about the topic and a big fan of the movement we won’t go on about it any more but you should read more about it here!

So the rest of the cafe… What a find!

Lights - Lavish Cafe Geelong

Shane Goodall has been at it for 10 years running in High Street Belmont. His background as a chef and attention to detail would be what’s helped him outlast everyone else in the strip.

Beans - Lavish Cafe Geelong

They have many varieties and micro-lots from Axil. When your long black arrives it comes with tasting notes and some sparkling mineral water to cleanse the palete before sipping. The options seem endless. If you’re after something other than espresso, Lavish Cafe Geelong has cold drip, bulletproof, filter, chemex, aeropress, a blended home made almond milk latte, Vietnamese ice coffee and Japanese ice coffee. Plus teas, smoothies, milkshakes, ice chocolate and more. It’s an impressive range.

Long Black - Lavish Cafe Geelong

The furniture is made of reclaimed timber and there’s also a park next door if you want some fresh air or have kids that want to run around.

Victorian Coffee Book - Lavish Cafe Geelong

On the menu is a seasonal list of wholesome breakfast and lunch options as well as a completely seperate menu dedicated to baked potatoes. Lavish Cafe Geelong caters for the health conscious as well people with special dietary needs and preferences. They’ve got you covered if you’re paleo, vegan, raw vegan or gluten-free.

Cold Drip - Lavish Cafe Geelong

Lavish Cafe Geelong is located at 161a High Street Belmont. Head past the photos for contact details and ratings.

Drip Filter - Lavish Cafe Geelong Focused Barista - Lavish Cafe Geelong
Sign - Lavish Cafe Geelong

Smoothies - Lavish Cafe Geelong

Rating for Lavish Cafe Geelong

Coffee: Lots of options using Axil beans
Atmosphere: Clean and cosy
Service: Friendly and knowledgable
Kid/Pram Friendly: Small space but there’s a park next door
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Lavish Cafe Geelong

Address: 161a High Street Belmont
Online Facebook
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Originally posted on wholesomefun.com.au. Written and photographed by Patrick Blampied. © 2015 Sequence Digital.

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  1. Serge Colicchia

    This place is a great substitute for “upgrading” your daily coffe fix, but it’s not “Bullet Proof” as you are suggesting. They simply make a standard (not Bullet proof beans), conventional coffee with butter and coconut or MCT oil. That’s only 50% of the story guys, not the complete version of the truth regarding the “complete benefits” of having this type of beverage. Still, it’s better than most places…nice article!

    1. Post
      Patrick Blampied

      All fair comment Serge, it was written with the person that had never heard of a ‘bulletproof’ coffee in mind with a link to the source of truth if they wanted to find out more, but you’re right it’s not using the actual beans so it’s a more the genericized trademark version. At least they aren’t using salted butter like I found at Thrive in Emporium Melbourne – yuk!

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