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Bell Park’s Taste of Italy – Caffe Dolce Trieste review

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With nothing more than a bike and a simple chalkboard sign that says takeaway coffee, you could be forgiven for not knowing this place exists, yet Caffe Dolce Trieste is a real Bell Park gem.

Take Away Coffee - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Aroon Tremul and his Mum are Geelong locals that arrived from Trieste in Italy only a couple of years ago.

Italy is known for it’s long association with the coffee bean but Trieste itself is known as Italy’s coffee capital with a 250 year history as the Mediterranean’s main coffee port. There are over 2 million bags imported through the port each year! Unlike Bell Park which is slowly getting there… there are multiple coffee shops on almost every street in Trieste. So inspired by their heritage they thought they’d bring a taste of Trieste to Geelong.

I Love Trieste - Cafe Dolce TriesteThey feature Slitti coffee which is the Slitti family’s brand of coffee that has been roasted in Tuscany since 1969. Aroon points out that it’s an uncomplicated but honest cup of coffee that’s smooth, consistent and high quality.

Silliti Chocolate Spoons - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Slitti also specialises in a range of pure chocolate that is also known for it’s high quality. They maintained standards by not cutting corners on ingredients. All Slitti chocolate consists of only the best cocoa and natural vanilla.Family Photos - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Dotted around the chocolate are touches of home with a few family photos lining the handmade shelves. The bikes look like the type you might ride down the cobblestone streets of Italy each morning for your coffee and biscotti. In Geelong the streets are a little smoother but you can only dream of their weather.Handmade Table 2 - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Aroon fitted the shop out himself from new and reused materials. Caffe Dolce Trieste is located at 139 Seperation Street Bell Park and there’s plenty of parking in the area as well as room for kids in the shop.

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Silliti Chocolate - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Shelves - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Handmade Shelves - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Chocolates - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Chocolate Keys - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Cacti - Cafe Dolce Trieste

Basket - Cafe Dolce Trieste

From the Front - Cafe Dolce Trieste


Rating for Caffe Dolce Trieste

Coffee: Slitti
Atmosphere: Italian, Handmade
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great
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Contact Details for Caffe Dolce Trieste

Address: 139 Separation St, Bell Park
Phone: 0490 755 689
Online: Facebook

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