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Do you know who picked your beans? Coffee Cartel Geelong review

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Coffee Cartel Geelong screams FRESH at you as you walk in. Literally. It’s a pretty cool sign and it says a lot about the guys that run the place and what it stands for. Bold, extroverted and edgy, they push beyond the limits of regular coffee houses.

Their angle is education, and the story behind the brew. Not just the roasting process but all the way back to the farm where the cherry was grown, how it was picked, and the people who washed and sorted it by hand. The combination of this origin and a talented roaster is what really affects the taste and qualities of the finished products.

Cartel Coffee Geelong - Green Unroasted Beans

This is what Nathan and his team at Coffee Cartel Geelong pay attention to. Even without the origin story there’s clearly a lot to talk about, however it got more interesting when Mary Jane explained that the coffee she had in front of her was from Burundi, and how they have direct contact with the farmers through Hand Pickers and the Long Miles Coffee Project.

Cartel Coffee Geelong - Heza Hill Burundi
Heza Hill Burundi
A flyer on the counter explains the Heza Hill washing station in Burundi. It lists the exact longitude, latitude and altitude, as well as the meaning which is ‘beautiful place’. It’s been set up to help educate farmers in the region on how to improve the quality of their harvest, and bring it to market. It also highlights that the washing station services over 1000 farming families, who make their livelihood from over 1.2 million coffee trees.

Cartel Coffee Geelong - Latte Art
Latte Art
The Coffee Cartel Geelong experience can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. If you press the staff you can get a level of detail about the qualities of what you’re drinking far beyond what the regular palette might experience, however it’s not essential and you can make up your own mind. Since she was being pressed she gave in and explained that this particular batch is said to be clean and sweet with apricot like acidity and caramel sweetness. “There are notes of orange, honey and chocolate”.

Cartel Coffee Geelong   Training

Coffee Cartel Geelong also run training sessions and are as passionate about tea as they are about coffee. Next time you’re in the booming James Street Geelong, make sure you stop in for a great cup of coffee, and the opportunity to develop your palette!

Cartel Coffee Geelong - La Marzocco

Cartel Coffee Geelong - From the Front

Cartel Coffee Geelong - FRESH!!

Cartel Coffee Geelong - Brew Bar

Rating for Coffee Cartel Geelong

Coffee: Incredible range
Atmosphere: A favourite crowded bar
Service: Enthusiastic
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Bench is a little high.
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Contact Details Coffee Cartel Geelong

Address: Shop 1, 80 Little Malop Street, Geelong
Phone: (03) 5222 6115
Online: WebsiteFacebookInstagram

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