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Coffee’s ultimate place of worship in Geelong – Chapel on Little Ryrie Geelong review

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Worship of the almighty coffee bean is a universal religion that brings us together in peace and harmony every Sunday. And Monday. Oh and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

On the Balcony - Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe GeelongService takes place in many buildings around town however only one structure truly befits our tasty overlord. That place is Chapel on Little Ryrie Geelong.

History - Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe GeelongThis glorious structure originally opened on 1st November 1857 as a Baptist Church, and is an interesting and important part of Geelong’s heritage.

From the front inside - Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe GeelongIt was unused for 10 years and at that point a proposal to convert the site into a cafe was accepted. The side of the building was opened up to allow for the large doors and balcony. This also brightened up the chapel with stunning natural light from the east.

Two Seasons - Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe GeelongThey serve Two Seasons’ coffee which takes a novel approach of providing the drinker with at least two varieties of coffee each year making it a diverse but constant cup.

Burning the good candles - Chapel on Little Ryrie GeelongStunning doesn’t fully articulate the atmosphere of Chapel on Little Ryrie Geelong. The high ceilings, colourful glass windows, and touches of the original chapel all combine to make it a unique place to sit and get inspired or share fun times with friends.

Making Coffee - Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe GeelongThere’s a perspex pit where you order containing miscellaneous religious relics. You almost feel like you’re going to fall in.

Touches of religious items - Chapel on Little Ryrie GeelongFor people with prams there’s a huge amount of space which also converts to a function room at night and on weekends. Both the breakfast and lunch menus are broad and delicious.

Long Black - Chapel on Little Ryrie GeelongSome of the breakfast options on offer are banana bread, french toast, waffles, porridge and bacon & eggs. Lunch options span from shepherds pie, meat balls, kebabs and salads to a full range of burgers.

Mars Bar Slice - Chapel on Little Ryrie GeelongFind Chapel on Little Ryrie Cafe Geelong at 10 Little Ryrie Street. You kinda can’t miss the building!


Rating for Chapel on Little Ryrie Geelong

Coffee: Two Seasons
Atmosphere: Glorious
Service: Great
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great – Pull up a pew!

Contact Details for Chapel on Little Ryrie Geelong

Address: 10 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong
Phone: 5222 6905
Online: WebsiteFacebook
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