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The jury isn’t out on this place – Courthouse Cafe Geelong review

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If there’s one cafe that’s seen more action than most, it would be the Courthouse Cafe Geelong. Before it was a pleasurable place to meet with friends and have a coffee it was the place to be if you’d broken the law. As the name suggests, the Courthouse Cafe Geelong is housed in the Geelong’s old courthouse after it was replaced by the current one near the train station.

Byron Bay Coffee - Courthouse Cafe Geelong
Popular with council folk due to proximity to the town, the Courthouse Cafe Geelong seems like it’s been serving up Byron Bay coffee for “20 to life”. It was sorely missed while it went through a $45 Million redevelopment. Thankfully it reopened in 2012 better than ever.Breakfast Board - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

In case you’re wondering what kind of cafe you get for 45 million, it’s a great one, but all that money didn’t just go into the cafe. The whole building was refurbished to operate as a gallery, cafe and theatre. Courthouse Youth Arts also operates from the building and has put playful touches throughout the cafe. Even the most mundane of items, a security camera, has been turned into the eye of an Emu.Emu Eye - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

“Courthouse ARTS is a non judgmental environment that provides a permanent dynamic infrastructure to amplify the voice of young people in Geelong. We aim to become a hub for independent thinking and artistic exploration and a leader in the creation and development of new work on the national stage.”Open Area - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

There’s a lot of room and it feels even bigger than it is thanks to the exquisit glass feature staircase and the gallery. They even have a vertical garden growing silverbeet at the entry.Silverbeet - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

The menu at the Courthouse Cafe Geelong is exceptional. Naming the chalkboards felonies and misdemeanours. A wide variety of options are available in substancial sizes. Everything from norishing soups, salads, sandwiches, rolls, pies, pasties, fritata and more. (The ‘more’ is a delightful range of deserts!)Arts Art - Courthouse Cafe Geelong Cakes - Courthouse Cafe GeelongArtwork - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

From the front - Courthouse Cafe Geelong Misdemenours - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

Staircase Artwork - Courthouse Cafe Geelong

Rating for Courthouse Cafe Geelong

Coffee: Byron Bay Coffee Company
Atmosphere: Bright, open, welcoming
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Courthouse Cafe Geelong

Address: 60 Little Malop St, Geelong
Phone: 5224 1588
Online: Website
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