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Fabretto Brothers Geelong – Make Love to your taste buds

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Take a drive down Pakington Street from the top end and one of the first things to hit your eyes is a strong suggestion that someone (we assume the individual reading it) should make love to their tastebuds. But how?

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - From outside

Best thing to do is pull over, find a park and walk in to Fabretto Brothers Geelong. They seem to have the answer to the question.

Robert & Benjamin Fabretto are the brothers behind that statement and the cafe itself. They’re from Italy where people are generally known to live and breath coffee. Therefore they should know a thing or two and if the long black we had is anything to go by, they’re on the right track opening a cafe and roasting their own beans.

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Long Black

The cafe is small in size but the flavour and variety is big. There’s more than just your regular cappuccinos, flat whites, mochas and lattes. They’re serving ristretto, piccolo, doppio, affogato, americano, galao, espresso con panna, vienna, cafe melange, and cold drip.

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Menu

You’ll also find locally made cakes and, as is all the craze right now, authentic Nutella donuts! That’s right, forget the Jam, they’ve gone and surrounded melted Nutella with sweet fried bread and sprinkled sugar on top. It’s a bit more indulgent than a dry biscotti but still honours the grand tradition of strong italian coffee with a sweet.

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Locally Made Raspberry Cake

The walls are covered in white brick wallpaper and there’s lovely Tasmanian Oak tables and a matching bench that spans the length of the window. It’s a great spot to stop in and refuel. Sitting at the bench you can catch that Pakington Street glimmer as the sun hits the passing traffic.

Fabretto Brothers Geelong is located at 14 Pakington Street Geelong and is open weekdays. Scroll past the photos for more information including the condensed rating and contact details.

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Coffee Machine
Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Lights

Fabretto Brothers Geelong - Make Love to your tastebuds

Rating for Fabretto Brothers Geelong

Coffee: Great, they roast their own!
Atmosphere: Modern
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: No
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Bench is great

Contact Details for Fabretto Brothers Geelong

Address: 14 Pakington Street Geelong
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