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Five senses coffee right in the CBD – Freckleduck Geelong review

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Freckleduck. There’s something about that name that draws you in. Speaking to Brad Anderson he explained that it’s a name that he had in mind for a cafe for almost a decade.

Brad had a mate in uni that seemed obsessed with rare freckled ducks, to the point that Freckleduck became his nickname. The name stuck in Brad’s head and he always thought it would be a great name for a cafe.

So in 2014, after he and his wife moved from Melbourne, Freckleduck Geelong was born and it didn’t take long for the place to pack out.

Freckleduck Geelong - 5 Senses Coffee
Freckleduck Geelong – 5 Senses Coffee

Freckleduck Geelong serves a Melbourne favourite, Five Senses Coffee. The beans are extracted by a stunning Synesso machine atop a deep red timber bench top and served in pastel green crockery.

Freckleduck Geelong - Latte
Freckleduck Geelong – Latte

As is often said, location is everything. If this is true then Freckleduck Geelong definitely has everything. Sitting on the corner of Malop Street and Yarra Street in Central Geelong, the passing traffic is unrelenting.

Freckleduck’s minimalist black and white exterior stands out as it’s set to the backdrop of Westfield’s towering, modern architecture.

Freckleduck Geelong - Out Front
Freckleduck Geelong – Out Front

Inside it’s clean, casual furnishings almost provide a haven from the hustle bustle of CBD shopping. Brad mentioned he wasn’t sure about the building until he checked behind the walls and exposed the brick. That was a pivotal moment. It’s a big change from the pop up clothing shops that went before him.

Freckleduck Geelong - Seating
Freckleduck Geelong – Seating

Walking past on a weekend you’ll often see people loaded up with shopping bags or with a pram. They can handle it. There’s plenty of spots to park yourself with the bench, the bar looking out to the Malop Street, room outside, and regular tables.

Freckleduck Geelong - View from the back wall
Freckleduck Geelong – View from the back wall

Drop in for relief from the CBD, quality coffee 7 days a week and simple menu full of good options from small treats to full meals.

Freckleduck Geelong - Muffin
Freckleduck Geelong – Muffin


Coffee: Five Senses Coffee blend, and single origin on monthly rotation
Atmosphere: Chilled
Service: Great
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: Yes
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Couch seat is a good height to work at

Contact Details Freckleduck Geelong

Address: 131 Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 5298 2262

Originally posted on wholesomefun.com.au. Written and photographed by Patrick Blampied. © 2015 Sequence Digital.