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The best coffee in Geelong. Period. Fuel Cafe Geelong review

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As this town experiences an explosion in hidden industrial style cafes, Fuel Cafe Geelong could be credited with kicking things off. 5 years running, it’s become something of an institution for CBD workers who habitually escape from the office for some timeout, somewhere to meet, or as a better place to get work done.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Campos Long Black

Hidden in Gore Place which is a tiny laneway that’s now over-shadowed by the TAC building, the cafe is housed in a converted garage that’s as bright and fresh as the day it opened.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - From the front

Adorning the walls are bikes and related paraphernalia. If you drop in regularly, you’ll notice the bikes changeover a lot which might leave you wondering where they’re all coming from. Greg, owner of Fuel Cafe Geelong, is as much of a bike addict as he is a coffee addict and revealed that he has at least one bike for every weekend of the year. However unlike a hoarder that only collects for the sake of collecting, Greg uses almost every machine he has.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Motorbike

“There one or two special ones that don’t get used but otherwise I’m out every weekend on a different one depending on where I’m heading. Some are built for the road, others for climbing, others for rougher terrain.”

“Some are new, some old, I just enjoy appreciating the qualities of each bike.”

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Sticker

Hearing this helps you understand the philosophy of the cafe. The same could be said of the single origin microlots that rotate through. Campos Coffee is the brand of choice for Fuel Cafe Geelong and the reasons are clear. Campos started out in a tiny laneway cafe in Newtown, Sydney with just one goal: a consistent, excellent coffee experience for the customer every single time.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Travis

This goal is something that Greg is absolutely committed to. The proof is in the pudding. Regardless of whether it’s him or one of his talented staff members behind the machine, the coffee you get is the same high quality cup every time.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Cartridges

Fuel serves food as well, keeping things simple with generous paninis and sweet treats. If you have a pram or young kids you might find it a little tight however the staff are very accommodating, moving tables together for groups or helping people through.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Cakes

If you’re floating through Geelong on a weekday looking for a great coffee, definitely seek these guys out.

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Yamaha

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Number 1

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Lights

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Greg

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Geelong Revival

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Carob

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Campos Long Black 2

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Campos Decaf

Fuel Cafe Geelong - Campos Cup

Rating for Fuel Cafe Geelong

Coffee: Campos. Great every time
Atmosphere: Well-lit industrial style hideaway
Service: Meticulous, friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Can be a little tight but they’re very accommodating
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great
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Contact Details for Fuel Cafe Geelong

Address: 2 Gore Pl, Geelong
Phone: 0423 224 808
Online: WebsiteFacebook

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