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Inspired by poetry since 1862 – Koffie Haus Geelong review

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Koffie Haus Geelong sits in a little garage a short walk from Deakin University. Targeted at the uni student market the hole in the wall cafe is well placed for the task. It’s even managed ocean views, or at least it’s got them for now, until the car park across the road is built on. One can imagine that real estate won’t ever be used for single storey dwellings ever again.Chess---Koffee-Haus-Geelong

They have a simple menu consisting of toasties and other small snacks such as museli and yoghurt, and smashed avocado on toast. Colourful decor and chess is on hand for the student that needs a break from studying.From-the-front---Koffee-Haus-Geelong

As the very German sounding Koffie Haus Geelong’s name implies, there is a link to Europe somewhere in the mix. Upon ordering a coffee you’ll notice they’re running Julius Meinl beans. That’s a brand that has it’s root in the German speaking town of Vienna, the capital of Austria.Latte---Koffee-Haus-Geelong

They started in 1862 when the first Julius Meinl opened a spice shop in Vienna’s city centre selling green coffee beans, cocoa, tea, spices, rice and sugar.

More interesting is Julius Meinl II, who is the man we have to thank for revolutionising the coffee roasting process so that the beans no longer came into contact with fuel gases. This meant that for the first time coffee was free of aftertaste while still maintaining the full aroma.Sign---Koffee-Haus-Geelong

Julius Meinl’s mission is to contribute to making the world a more poetic place. “For us and future generations – in small but meaningful ways. We will do so by ensuring that every decision we make and every action we take enables us to serve our customers and consumers products and services that inspire the poets in them.”Wall-Art---Koffee-Haus-Geelong
Koffie Haus Geelong looks to be aligned with that mission. It’s a dimly lit, cosy little spot where you can pop in after a philosophy class and debate the state of the world, or sit quietly and wait for creativity and inspiration to hit you as you sip a latte.Chairs---Koffee-Haus-Geelong





Rating for Koffie Haus Geelong

Coffee: Julius Meinl
Atmosphere: Dim, comfy
Service: Good
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Koffie Haus Geelong

Address: 34 Smythe St, Geelong West
Phone: 0404 720 463
Online: Facebook

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