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Mister Miller Geelong – A picturesque and intimate Espresso Bar

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Often we drink coffee to step out of our busy day, taking a moment to escape, reflect and refresh. At these times, a packed cafe with staff rushing around, pumping music and loud crashing plates is the last place you want to be.

Looking out to the arcade - Mister Miller Geelong

For a better experience, Mister Miller Geelong has what you need. They too are busy, but not rushed busy. They’re popular busy, still maintaining a peaceful balance in a picturesque setting. This is helped by the secluded paved arcade that’s recessed back from the traffic and features a water fountain and some greenery.

Out front - Mister Miller Geelong

Stephen Nardi took over this little hole-in-the-wall cafe in late 2013 and has since put a lot of work into making it an inviting and intimate Espresso Bar with personalised service.

Preparing the soup - Mister Miller Geelong

He’s recently opened up the cafe and created the bar by putting in a new window on the arcade side that lifts to reveal a big heater that you can sit under. There you can discuss your day with him while he serves you up some of his Mum’s fresh soup.

Long Black - Mister Miller Geelong

Stephen has worked with Cartel Roasters to create a special blend called ‘Broken Drum’, which is only available at Mister Miller Geelong. Tasting notes are chocolate caramel and sweet berry fruits. As a long black it was very much to our liking.

Menu - Mister Miller Geelong

The menu is simple but wholesome. As mentioned the soup is truly home-made and there’s also a range of toasties, bagels, cookies, cakes and Bearded Bros muesli.

Cakes - Mister Miller Geelong

If you’re in the area make sure you look out for them. Mister Miller Geelong can be found at 111 Pakington Street Geelong West. Scroll down for contact details and rating summary.

Sign - Mister Miller Geelong

Rating for Mister Miller Geelong

Coffee: Exclusive blend from Cartel Coffee
Atmosphere: Picturesque, intimate
Service: Friendly
Kid/Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Great

Contact Details for Mister Miller Geelong

Address: 111 Pakington Street Geelong West
Online Facebook

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