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Mule Coffee Shed Geelong – Proud Mary finally arrives in Geelong

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Separation Street seems to be heating up as another coffee hotspot in Geelong. Not long ago we covered Cafe Dolce Trieste, and Pickers Union (which isn’t actually on Separation, but extremely close by). Now it’s Mule Coffee Shed Geelong, and they’ve upped the game!

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong - Paying

Based in a warehouse that used to carry pet and farming supplies, David and Simon have transformed the building into an essential human supplies store. The supplies include Geelong’s first access to Proud Mary Coffee in Geelong, as well as some creative sweet treats like the cruffin, which is a Nutella filled croissant-muffin cross over. They’re also running Inglenook Dairy’s creamy grass-fed organic milk and have rotating food trucks every day.

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong - Mirage Coffee Machine

What we love is that there’s a lot more to the story here. Simon and David are the owners of Mule Coffee Shed Geelong and they seem to be driven by the chance to provide opportunities to others. David mentioned that he used to run a coffee van but found it hard to get enough events lined up to make it viable as a stand-alone venture.

“That’s where the idea of having different food trucks on rotation came in. It means there’s always something new for customers to try, and we help support food truck operators by giving them the chance to set up and bring in some new clientele”

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong - Food Truck

We stopped by on day 2 of a week long soft-opening where all their delicious specialty coffee is a gold coin donation to the River’s Gift foundation, who are Australia’s largest source of non-government funding for SIDS research in Australia. To date, River’s Gift has generated over $300,000 to help find a preventative cure and raise SIDS awareness.

We highly recommend having a read of how the organisation came to exist, you may need to keep the tissues nearby though as the page describes the nightmare that SIDS is responsible for.

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong is located at 64 Separation Street, North Geelong. Scroll past the photos for more rating and review information.

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong - From Outside

Mule Coffee Shed Geelong - Cruffin Nutella Muffin

Rating for Mule Coffee Shed Geelong

Coffee: Proud Mary
Atmosphere: Industrial/street
Kid/Pram Friendly: Lots of space
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Ok

Contact Details for Mule Coffee Shed Geelong

Address: 64 Separation St, North Geelong
Phone 0401 100 096
Online Website • Facebook

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