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Coffee in a grand building – Old Bank Cafe Geelong review

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PLEASE NOTE THIS CAFE HAS CLOSED DOWN. Article for archival purposes only.

Many of Geelong’s original buildings have been long cleared away and replaced with newer ‘classics’ that may or may not stand the test of time.

However standing at the bustling corner of Ryrie and Malop Street you get a sense of old Geelong. The T & G Building stands tall, looking ready for a fresh challenge after being acquired by Deakin University.

Old Bank Cafe Geelong - Making Coffee

On the opposing corner there’s a beautiful old bank building that now stores a most valued treasure… Coffee.

The Old Bank Cafe in Ryrie Street Geelong is a family affair. Mum reads the morning paper quietly as the sun gently beams in through the building’s facade. Kids behind the counter serving customers. The way it should be!

Smooth locally roasted beans are on the menu which come from Graeme at Origin Specialty Coffee. They rotate every couple of weeks which means you’ll never get bored, nor will you ever get a stale brew.

Old Bank Cafe Geelong - Coffee

The long bar facing out towards Ryrie Street gives you a good view of the passing traffic which is pleasant most of the time however there was a bit of noise coming in from motorbikes taking off from the lights and trucks speeding over the unavoidable bumps.

Old Bank Cafe Geelong - Lighting and high ceilings

Our favourite part of the experience here is the cosy spaciousness. Even though the Old Bank Cafe is quite a small cafe in terms of floor space, the building features an archetypal high roof.

Old Bank Cafe Geelong - Slices

There’s an all day menu featuring everything from toast and croissants to wraps, potato bake and lasagne. The cakes also look exquisite.

Old Bank Cafe Geelong - Lending Library

If you’re in for a long stay there’s a small lending library filled with books that will require at least 10 coffees to get through. To calm you back down after that marathon you might consider heading upstairs for a massage. Good strategy there. Enjoy!

Rating of Old Bank Cafe Geelong

Coffee: Smooth clean brew. Beans rotate fortnightly.
Atmosphere: Gorgeous mid-morning as the sun beams in. The grandeur of the bank and the eclectic decor do slightly compete for your attention.
Service: Intimate and unpretentious
Kid/Pram Friendly: Watch the steps out front. A few tables of 4 to choose from.
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: The bar is the perfect spot to bash out some emails

Location and Contact Details of Old Bank Cafe Geelong

Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor/154A Moorabool St, Geelong VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 9016 8273

Map of Old Bank Cafe Geelong

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