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Spot for Joe Geelong – Little Ryrie’s Original Spot for a cup of joe…

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Jared and Talya Cooper started something in the Little Ryrie Street Car Park that’s become an unstoppable force. Years back they took an old supplies store down the back of a quiet alley and transformed it into a cozy cafe called Spot for Joe Geelong. It meshes industrial cool with retro touches of the 1970’s.

Wall Art - Spot for Joe

It was the first conversion of it’s kind in the immediate area and was immediately popular with the surrounding businesses. Then within the space of what feels like only 12 months, the full blown conversion of every old shop and garage surrounding the car park seems to have taken off.

Each of these new cafes offer their own unique vibe and style. Little Green Corner is serious about sustainability and local produce, 10 sq M captures passing alleyway traffic with their tiny hole in the wall, Bear and Bean have a spacious arrangement with full kitchen and background in commercial catering that influences their offerings.

Latte with trademark smarties - Spot for Joe

Yet Spot for Joe Geelong still holds it’s own. The coffee is always great with their beans coming from Collingwood’s Dukes Coffee Roasters. Their house blend combines the tastes of Guatemala, India, Kenya and Brazil, and they also rotate through single-origin lots.

Spot for Joe Geelong’s trademark touch is two smarties on your teaspoon with the staff always paying attention to the colours to make sure there isn’t a clash.

Sign outside - Spot for Joe

The menu is simple but generous with all day breakfast options like bircher muesli as well as baguettes and panini.

Tables - Spot for Joe

Spacewise it’s a bit of a tight squeeze especially if you’re with a pram, however the ramp in is very handy. There’s a mix of tables with very comfy bench seating, a counter looking out to the lane and a communal counter with magazines and greenery splitting up the space. Scroll past the photos for contact details and rating.
Front of building - Spot for Joe

Tap - Spot for Joe

Rating for Spot for Joe Geelong

Coffee: Dukes Coffee Roasters
Atmosphere: Industrial/retro
Kid/Pram Friendly: Tight space, ramp in is handy though
Free Wifi: No
Table/chair height ratio for working from a laptop: Excellent

Contact Details for Spot for Joe Geelong

Address: 33 Little Ryrie St, Geelong
Phone 0451 419 855
Online Facebook
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