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From hole-in-the-wall to warehouse coffee king – King of the Castle Geelong West review

Reading time: 2 mins • Skip to: Rating  •  Contact Details • Robbie started King of the Castle Geelong West as a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe at the top-end of Pakington Street wondering if anyone would appreciate or even notice he was there. They certainly did. To his surprise, in no time at all there were lines all […]

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Coffee in an art gallery – Dirty Rascal Cafe Geelong review

Reading time: 3 mins • Skip to: Rating  •  Contact Details Dirty Rascal Cafe Geelong is tucked away in the corner of Boom Gallery which is part of the Rutland Street precinct in Newtown. Don’t know about Rutland Street yet? It’s down near the river-end of Pako where a pocket of long abandoned warehouses have quickly […]

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